Opening Session FRI. 9/25
6 to 9 PM, Kimmel Center Room 914, 60 Washington Square South, NYU (welcoming, opening spiritual ceremony officiated by Rafael Jesús González and Gerardo Marín, music by Warren Smith and his ensemble, poetry by keynote speaker Martín Espada, silent auction, solidarity messages) (hosts: Prof. Greg Grandin, History Dept. and Marcial Godoy-Antivia , Hemispheric Center for Performance and Politics, both NYU, plus National Lawyers´ Guild including sponsorship of the NY chapter of the NLG)
Semillas Dance Collective videoclip will premiere at Fri night opening event, and the Ayotzinapa film will be screened Sunday at Julia de Burgos Cultural Center
Tribunal SAT. 9/26
9 to 5 PM, Tribunal Hearings, Meeting Room 475, Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life, NYU
5 PM, Rally at Washington Square Park followed by March from NYU, to site of evening cultural event at Migrant Center, 135 W. 31st Street at St. Francis of Assisi church (hosted by Father Julian Jagudilla)
Jurors will go directly at 5 PM to space set aside for jury deliberations also located at the Migrant Center, deliberations from 5:30 to 8:30 PM, focused on input for drafting of initial jury verdict to be presented the next day at the Closing Festival.
Cultural event at Migrant Center, 7 to 9 PM (food provided by Asamblea Popular de Familias Migrantes, APOFAM)
Closing Festival SUN. 9/27
9 to 5 PM: Festival of Mexican Indigenous Cultures in New York: New York/TLAN; in celebration of Mexican indigenous cultures in NY, sponsored by Asamblea Popular de Familias Migrantes (APOFAM), at: Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center, 1680 Lexington Ave. bet. 105th and 106th streets; public presentation of initial jury verdict at 12 noon as part of the festival.
Special Guests:
Martín Espada (award-winning poet and essayist, Pulitzer Prize finalist in poetry 2007)

Heart of Hunger

Smuggled in boxcars through fields of dark morning,
tied to bundles at railroad crossings,
the brown grain of faces dissolved in bus station dim,
immigrants: mexicano, dominicano,
guatemalteco, puertorriqueño, orphans and travelers,
refused permission to use gas station toilets,
beaten for a beer in unseen towns with white porches,
or evaporated without a tombstone in the peaceful grass,
a centipede of hands moving,
hands clutching infants that grieve,
fingers to the crucifix,
hands that labor

Father Alejandro Solalinde Guerrra (director, “Hermanos en el Camino” migrant shelter in Ixtepec, Oaxaca; awarded Mexico´s Premio Nacional de Derechos Humanos, 2012), Coordinator of the Pastoral of Human Mobility, South Pacific Region of the Mexican Episcopate.

“The greatest challenge that I must overcome is the intimidation, the harassment, and the constant lack of respect from people who do not want my work helping migrants to succeed. Many local authorities, gangs, and drug traffickers would love to free themselves from the defenders of human rights.”
– Father Solalinde, October 2009.

 Anabel Hernández,

Anabel is the renowned Mexican journalist who had to go into exile because of death threats. Like many other of her colleagues, she is the key current chronicler of the Ayotzinapa case (in the weekly magazine Proceso), and author of the book Narcoland (in Spanish Los Señores del Narco). She was awarded the 2012 Golden Pen of Freedom award from the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers.


Representatives of the Parents and Students of Ayotzinapa

Special Sponsor: 
The Mission of Fuerza Mundial is to connect Grass Roots Communities, Protecting and Preserving, World Cultures, Fauna and Flora, All Our Relations.
Our Principle and Commitments include the following:
Building Alliances and Coalitions
Breaking down the digital divide
Multicultural and Intergenerational Mentorship
Internet as a tool for Social Justice
Dorinda Moreno, Human Rights Advocate, Local, National, Global, U.S. Spokesperson on Immigrant/Migrant Rights, Mentioned in ‘Feminists That Changed America, 1963-1974, Awarded Cesar A. Chavez, Robert F. Kennedy Life Time Achievement, Celebrating a Legacy of Social Justice, Founder/FuerzaMundial/WeAreTheOnes, Artist Representative, Author, Host-Moderator, Internet Groups: Mescalero Apache, Elder Rep, Aguila-Condor, Mexica-Xicano, Black-Brown Unity, Peace & Dignity Journeys, Archivist, Lupe Library, Concilio Mujeres

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