Support International Tribunal of Conscience


Please donate to this critically important cause to fund the needed travel and expenses of hosting individuals and noted international scholars and artists who place themselves in great harm speaking out against the atrocities of their governments. Your contribution will allow those who cannot afford to pay for their travel to speak and be heard by a jury of peers regarding their testimonies of violence and injustice. 

In addition, the impact of your dollars will allow for us to provide technical and media support to create a meaningful discussion of the U.S. role in the aid it provides to the Mexican and Central American governments and its implications. We intend to publish and widely disseminate the findings of these hearings to the public in both English and Spanish, and seek support for an end to the violence and to U.S. aid of foreign governments who enable such travesties. Your dollars will help us do this.

In addition, we need you to be a sponsor of this initiative, which could include your support in any or all of the following ways:

1) In-kind services such as space (hosting members of the Tribunal´s jury and staff in your homes or hosting a house party to raise funds) in New York for the Tribunal dates, September 23 – 26, 2015. These include travel dates.

2) Design and printing (posters, flyers, promotional postcards or bookmarks, programs, background material) services or materials.

3) Food (for the members of the jury and staff) already prepared or catered.

4) Music, poetry or other art as donations for fundraising.

5) Spanish/English translation and interpretation services (including headsets) at the event both days.

6) Media assistance to photograph, video and document the event and publish the finding afterwards.

Please go to the Volunteer page for additional information on volunteering and to follow-up on in-kind donations.

Donate here. Thank you for your generosity and support.

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